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Benefits Include:

  • Total Broker Support

  • Online Transaction Management

  • Newest, Most Effective Lead Generation Site with a Robust CRM and included Drip Campaigns*

  • Daily FSBO and Expired Leads with Contact Information – Including Email Addresses

  • Scripts & Script Training

  • Professional, Custom Marketing Materials

  • 7 day/week Access to the Office

  • Trainings on topics such as… “Recession-proof your business,” “How to turn listings into more listings,” “Cultivating repeat and referral business through Gratitude” and more.

  • Office-sponsored functions, CE trainings and networking opportunities

  • 5-Star Reputation


Total Value: $5299/month or more, if you take advantage of everything offered.


EXIT Realty Seybold Brokers Training and Event Schedule

Come Join us for any Training or Event even if you work elsewhere. You are welcome here!


re_veteranEstablished Real Estate Agents

I’m already an established agent or broker-associate, what can EXIT Realty Seybold Brokers do for me?

If you are an established agent, you can polish your image even more by associating yourself with our public image as an established high-end firm while also giving yourself an instant raise.

Take advantage of generous splits and leverage everything we provide you to increase your transaction count and price point you work in. Commission structure is simple, heavily in your favor and you won’t need a spreadsheet to figure out your commissions.

No Junk Fees:

No marketing fees, no desk fees, no franchise fees, no admin fees, no “just because we want your money” fees, etc. Simple but powerful technology: As a matter of fact, everything about the way we do business is simple. Coming July 2017, we provide a simple, easy-to-use online transaction management system with integrated e-signature capability. You can either upload your documents online or use your dedicated email address to email documents directly into your online account.

Our broker or experienced management staff review the documents and when everything is there and everything is complete, you are ready to be paid as soon as you close. We can arrange for you to be paid at closing as well. Because our whole system is online, you can work from anywhere without having to take your files with you. If you have access to a computer where you are going, you don’t even have to bother taking a laptop!


There are other brokerages out there with great splits and compensation plans, we admit that. However, we offer something they don’t: all thereal-estate-career-goals support of a traditional brokerage where you would normally be on a 40-50% split, but we can offer a more generous split and the ability to work from anywhere. You will have the broker’s cell phone number (as a matter of fact you already do) for assistance when you need it. Call in the evenings (just be reasonable) or on weekends if you need to.


We often have referrals ready to list or buyers in your area. Not “leads” but actual referrals ready to buy or sell. Sometimes we will actually have them sign the listing agreement in advance then hand them off to you. Sweet.


Because we are technology based, we can adapt and change quickly so you always have the best and easiest-to-use tools to ensure your success and make you even more productive.

Recruiting and Sponsoring bonuses:

We will pay you residual income for every producing agent you refer to us who joins us, up to $10,000 per agent/per year. Live and retire comfortably even if you aren’t a top producer.

Contact Zach Seybold at 407.619.4500 to schedule an interview to see what we can do for you and if it would be a good fit.

New Real Estate Agents

I’m new to real estate or struggling a little… what can EXIT Realty Seybold Brokers do for me?

licenseIf you’re new to the real estate industry and new to Central Florida; chances are you’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of new information swirling around your brain, but you’re also eager to get your feet wet. Before you get any practical experience though, you need to choose a broker to work for, of which there are many. First, you need to decide whether to work for a national franchise or for an independent firm in your local area. Working for a large franchise has a number of benefits, including the availability of marketing materials, incredible brand recognition, reward and incentive programs, and ongoing training programs boutique (smaller) firms offer the same benefits with the wonderful marketing, branding and recognition with continuous training as well. While the other factors contribute greatly to a new agent’s success, a solid training program and lead generation system is really the most important thing you should be looking for when choosing a realty firm to join.

If you have little real estate experience, you are struggling or perhaps the market change caught you off guard, we can get your real estate career on track and filling your pipeline in no time. Our broker will invest time and energy in you as long as you do the work necessary to turn his information into new business.

Zach has helped many agents turn things around and he can help you too. Our broker spends a large part of every work week exploring the latest trends, technologies, training programs and techniques to see what works and what doesn’t, so you don’t have to. Then he actually tries it out to see what actually works in real life and shares the best information with you. This will save you time and money in trial-and-error type experimentation. Many of those programs and webinars are expensive!

The story of Jim: Jim worked for another real estate company but was referred to Zach by a web site company trying to sell Jim a site. They gave Zach as a reference and Jim called to see if the sites were any good. They talked a while and Zach gave Jim some feedback, but they also discussed other ways to generate business. Jim called Zach from time to time and they became friends, though they lived in different cities and had not actually met. Zach gave Jim referrals and introduced him to a national lender who started giving Jim steady referrals.

After a few months, Jim said, “Zach, you have spent more time helping me with my business in the past few months than my own broker has over the past three years. I wish we could work together.” Jim was in GTAR (greater Tampa Association of Realtors) and Exit Realty Seybold Brokers wasn’t a member yet, so Zach joined to make it possible to work together. Jim had only ever had one listing in his entire career and he wasn’t working with many buyers at that particular moment either. Within six weeks of moving to The Parks; Jim had four real estate listings and several buyers under contract as well and more looking at real estate. Jim is smart and hard-working, just like you. The problem was that no one had bothered to invest any time or energy in him to get him moving in the right direction.

It’s also worth mentioning, Jim has shared some great info with Zach as well- the problem was that Jim just needed to make some subtle changes to how he did business to start capturing the business that was slipping through his fingers.


A real estate career can be a very rewarding choice for just about anyone. Those entering the field have quite varied backgrounds and skill sets. Some would say you have to be salesman but this is not necessarily true. This is a “people” business. Real estate is primarily a service business, and serving your clients well will contribute to your success. We all need homes and some who need to sell them! If you enjoy working with a diverse background and being instrumental in helping people pursue the American dream of home ownership, then you will love your job! Any given day, you may bump into a real estate professional who’s a recent high school graduate or a semi-retired business executive in her second career. Some feel it to be a natural transition from another sales career! You are helping people in what is usually the largest financial transaction of their lives. If you are looking for brokerage company to call home, or to get information about becoming an agent, let your journey begin with Exit Realty Seybold Brokers today. Contact us…we are waiting to hear from you and see how we can help you with your career goals. If you want to be successful and are willing to work at it, let us help. Zach will never force advice or work on you, you will have to call him and ask for the help, but when you call, he will be there for you and get you moving in the right direction. Your success is his success.

*may require a $50/mo fee to cover Broker’s costs – paid bi-annually